Showers of different force were detected in the zone of its impact, accompanied by thunderstorms with gale-force wind. Only in the past day in Italy fell up to 84 mm of precipitation (Frontone) in Spain - up to 30 mm, in Croatia, with the wind gusts up to 27m / s - up to 60 mm (Dubrovnik).
Foul weather in France through the efforts of the Atlantic cyclone. On the 15 of November here were hurricane wind with squalls (up to 32 m/s) and up to 47 mm of precipitation, on November 16 – up to 44 mm of precipitation. In the south of France near Nimes five people fall victims to the floods.
The most rainy period in Greece is from November to January. In this season it stays true, and even with a vengeance. Last night, Dec. 18, in the country fell from 13 to 25 mm of rain. On the island of Lemnos, in the north Aegean Sea, the rainfall was 59 mm, almost the monthly norm.
In the north of Europe came on storm A strong storm swept in over the Faroe Islands (a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean between Scotland and Iceland) on a Friday night . According to reports, the wind force of up to 180 km per hour caused severe damage to buildings.
Information about flooding in Thailand thrills the public for several days. Reports about natural disasters continue to occupy key positions in news ratings. But the information that daily arrives from Bangkok is as well has mirthless character.
In Tunisia in October starts the rainiest season, which lasts through February. But the rains that took place in the last days of this October can’t be called just strong, it was a real rain deluge! It started on 29 October; During a day in the capital dropped 17 mm of precipitation.
October 24 the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal were in the zone of influence of the deep Atlantic cyclone. It was born near Iceland with pressure in the center of 995 hPa. And it came to the UK, penetrating up to 15 hPa.
October of this year will be memorable for residents of several countries, where played out the elements. Incessant rains have caused significant damage to agriculture, road communication, and housing, were also recorded casualties. Authorities estimate the damage of hundreds of thousands of dollars
The news coming from Thailand are not happy. People there are still struggling with the effects of floods caused by heavy rains. Thai military and volunteers are making maximum efforts to somehow minimize the influence of monsoon rains.
On the popular resort Antalya is raging storm. To the region fell heavy rains. On Sunday, October 9, per day has fallen more than 100 mm of rain. The rains continued through Monday; amount of precipitation within 12 hours was 22 mm. Many streets are flooded.
Cold winters in recent years that have brought so much trouble to many European countries, may be related to variability in solar ultraviolet radiation. According to recent data from satellites, the fluctuations in the level of UV radiation is much greater than believed.
After the unexpected warmth, just as suddenly on the territory of Central and Southeastern Europe came winter. On Saturday September 8 gusty winds up to 30 m / s, rain and even snow have characterized the weather in the territory of Austria, the same weather situation is now in Croatia
The loss of the ozone layer over the Arctic Basin has been this year so great that for the first time in the history of observations, we can talk about the emergence of the "ozone hole" similar to theAntarctic.
Monsoon rains have caused floods in Thailand. This flood was one of the strongest in recent years. Torrential rain doesn’t stop in the region even now. Over the past day in certain areas of the kingdom has fallen from 55 to 79 mm of precipitation.
Numerous landslides block the way to rescuers and army units. In India, rescue workers faced difficulties in reaching the area of a powerful earthquake that struck on Sunday in the state of Sikkim in the Indian Himalayas.
Unexpected, but certainly pleasant surprise brought the fall to the Europeans. Anticyclone, which came to Europe, brought with it heat and sun. Those who planned to visit the British Isles, are surely lucky, because there in the second half of the week is expected rise in the temperature
Sunday brought the people of the Republic of Tuva a lot of anxiety. In the evening in the region were recorded shocks of the earthquake, the magnitude of which reaches 4.6. As a result of a natural phenomenon were noted injuries and destructions.
On September 21 in Japan raged typhoon Roke. This time its impact was quite meager in comparison with past weather events, which people of this country experienced this year. Typhoon Roke was accompanied by heavy rainfall,
Temperature in southern region of the United States, after record degree disasters, began slowly to fall. Since 15 September temperature will drop to 11 degrees, that is a real winter fairy tale in comparison with 40 degrees. Such changes are possible in the center of the United States
Precisely such promises can give tour operators those, who wish to carry out weekend in Europe. There because of Azores anticyclone is expected a fine weather with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees depending on the region. Italy, France, Spain, the Balkans
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