Severe cyclone in the southern Europe.

2014-11-18 Severe cyclone in the southern Europe.

Showers of different force were detected in the zone of its impact, accompanied by thunderstorms with gale-force wind. Only in the past day in Italy fell up to 84 mm of precipitation (Frontone) in Spain - up to 30 mm, in Croatia, with the wind gusts up to 27m / s - up to 60 mm (Dubrovnik), in Greece - up to 62 mm. In Austria, although there were no heavy rains, but here in gusts wind increased to 27m / s. In one of the smallest and most beautiful areas of Italy Liguria flood damage that occurred during the last month was $ 1 billion euro.

In the next day the cyclone will continue to move to the east – in the south-east of the region, the Balkans, there will be rains of varying intensity and duration, in Romania in places strong rains. On Thursday, cyclone with its rain and gusty winds will spoil the "velvet" season in Turkey.

There will be no heavy rains in the Southern regions of European Russia. In Crimea, where there were difficulties with filling water reservoirs, the saving box of precipitation is not likely to be replenished.

In the rear of this southern cyclone after November 20 will be significant decrease in temperature in the Crimea and on the Black Sea coast.