Winter in Europe, another storm in Asia, the completion of cyclones in the Atlantic

2011-10-08 Winter in Europe, another storm in Asia, the completion of cyclones in the Atlantic

After the unexpected warmth, just as suddenly on the territory of Central and Southeastern Europe came winter. On Saturday September 8 gusty winds up to 30 m / s, rain and even snow have characterized the weather in the territory of Austria, the same weather situation is now in Croatia, where literally during one night rose real snowdrifts. Naturally, this situation led to traffic jams and added work to public utilities. Funny is the fact, that while it is rain and snow in Croatia, residents of Pula and Rijeka are getting wet in the rain, while in Gorski Kotar people take out of storehouse ski and sled and go to the slopes for winter sports. The weather isn’t pleasant for drivers. In addition to snow and road closures, forecasters warn of increased danger on the roads because of their icing.

Heavy rainfall this year "fell in love" with China and Vietnam. Have not had time residents of these countries recover from the previous storm, as their heads hit the new crop of heavy rainfall, which this time was awarded with the name Nalgae. Incessant rains in some regions have provoked floods, the water level in some places reached a level of five feet. A storm warning was announced on the coastal zone, local residents were evacuated to safe area, and the ships, which had left the port, were forced to return to shore. This situation will continue throughout the first half of the week.

Meteorologists predict the end of the tropical cyclones season in the Atlantic Ocean. By the end of the week well-known storm Philip starts to decline. He began its march on the maximum with wind velocity of 130 km / h, now it gradually reduces the speed to 20 m / sec. Now Philip is five hundred miles from Bermuda and no longer represent any danger to Americans