Tunisia is flooded by rains, in U.S. are snowfalls and tropical cyclone Keyla in Oman

2011-10-31 Tunisia is flooded by rains, in U.S. are snowfalls and tropical cyclone Keyla in Oman

Tunisia was flooded by rains

In Tunisia in October starts the rainiest season, which lasts through February. But the rains that took place in the last days of this October can’t be called just strong, it was a real rain deluge! It started on 29 October; During a day in the capital dropped 17 mm of precipitation. But it was just a beginning. On October 30 within 12 hours dropped 64 mm of precipitation, 31 October - 75 mm. Monthly norm of precipitation for October in Tunisia is 50 mm. That is, within 12 hours fell 1.5 of monthly norm!

Rains in northern Africa have provoked seemingly innocuous cyclone: a small area, a shallow (central pressure 1015 mb). But the peculiarity of the cyclones that occur on the Mediterranean coast of Africa -a large temperature contrasts between African and European air. This time they were over 20 degrees, which led to the formation of strong cumulonimbus clouds and heavy precipitation.

Heavy snowfall in the east and northeast U.S.

Deep and extensive cyclone, center of which was located on October 31 near the coast of the Atlantic, snowed in east and north-east of the New World.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire have been inundated with snow up to 30 cm and even in New York, snow depth reaches 3 cm, and in Virginia and West Virginia (Southern States) - 9-14 cm.

Heavy snowfall, unusual for the month of October, provoked a lot of accidents. Poles of power lines, dropped on the roadway, trees, which didn’t not bear the weight of wet snow, caused the deaths.

According to local meteorologists, in some U.S. states during the weekend fell up to 80 cm of rain, in others - up to 48 cm.

On November 2, with the departure of the cyclone, the wind dies down, snowfalls stop.

Tropical cyclone "Keyla" invaded Oman

Tropical Cyclone on the name "Keyla", formed over the south Arabian Sea, has moved in a northwesterly direction, which is unusual. Wind speed at its center reached 40 m / sec. Cyclone has already watered by rains Oman and the coast United Arab Emirates. During the day fell to 90 mm of precipitation. Tomorrow in Oman and surrounding areas of the Arabian Peninsula rains will continue. But the hurricane is not expected, cyclone, coming on shore, will soon lose its power.