Rainfall in Central America, Thailand and Turkey

2011-10-19 Rainfall in Central America, Thailand and Turkey

October of this year will be memorable for residents of several countries, where played out the elements. Incessant rains have caused significant damage to agriculture, road communication, and housing, were also recorded casualties. Authorities estimate the damage of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A tropical storm that broke out in Central America, killed at least 18 people, 13 people were killed in a storm in Guatemala, four people in Nicaragua and one person was killed in El Salvador. Landslides, formed as a result of heavy rains, blocked dozens of roads and damaged bridges. The authorities are doing everything possible to protect the local population from the influence of the elements, people are evacuated from unsafe areas, constantly come warnings to refrain from driving, as roads may be damaged and not to approach to the shoreline as the water level in rivers during the time of disaster has increased significantly. Meteorologists suggest that heavy rain will continue for at least 48 hours.

No less critical situation is observed in Thailand, where was the largest flood in recent years. Working utilities are trying to neutralize somehow the effect of the elements, they are building walls of sandbags on the outskirts of Bangkok, the same do local people around their homes and buildings. Heavy rains are constantly raising the water level by a few centimeters more per day. In the grocery stores is already a shortage of drinking water, significantly increased the demand for canned foods. But, regardless the whole drama of the situation, local people believe in their victory over the elements and hope for rapid change in the situation for the better.

News about heavy rains people of Turkey read already in the past tense. There, in north-western region, for a few days raged elements. 8 people were killed. Were also damaged agricultural lands, houses and roads. As noted by meteorologists, the strength of the elements begin to wind down and very soon rain will stop.