Powerful storm in Western Europe, frosts in Turkey, rains in Southern India

2011-10-24 Powerful storm in Western Europe, frosts in Turkey, rains in Southern India

A powerful storm in Western Europe

October 24 the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal were in the zone of influence of the deep Atlantic cyclone. It was born near Iceland with pressure in the center of 995 hPa. And it came to the UK, penetrating up to 15 hPa. Between cyclones and anticyclones, located in the heart of Europe, have created a large pressure gradient, which led to a significant strengthening of the wind. In France, Spain, Portugal, its speed was 25-27, in places 32 m / sec. The strongest wind was recorded in Britain, 30-36, in gusts up to 45 m / s! Cyclone devastated the countries with heavy rain. In Portugal during the day fell 9 mm, 18 mm in France, in Spain, 22 mm of rainfall. Britain is the leader in precipitations, during the day there fell up to 58mm!

Stormy weather continues on October 25.

On October 26 the cyclone starts to be filled and depart to the east. It’s place will take a ridge of the anticyclone, spread from the west. Weather improves. But not for long. In Newfoundland already has formed a new deep cyclone, which on October 31 will come to Western Europe. And here again breaks out bad weather.

Frosts in the disaster area in Turkey

In the east and south-east of Turkey, where after the earthquake are held rescue operations, air temperature at night drops to negative values. At night of October 23-24, mostly to -2-4, in places to -7 degrees.

The case is that the high-altitude cold trough reached down to the Mediterranean Sea. And on Sunday, October 23, after the passage of the front from the north, in Turkey began a significant drop in air temperature. Cold nights for those who remain under the rubble, when every hour counts - are devastating.

Judging by the predictor maps, night frost can hold out for another 2-3 days.

Torrential rains in southern India

In the past day in southern India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives have been strong and very heavy rains. In some states of India rainfall exceeds 100 mm. Maximum rainwater occurred in the town Kuddalur (Cuddalore) Tamil Nadu, where fell 109 mm of rainfall. In other parts of the south-east rainfall ranged from 55 to 82 mm.

In addition, heavy rains were in Sri Lanka. In the towns of Trincomalee (Trincomalee) and Kandy (Kandy) recorded 57 and 70 mm of rainfall respectively. In the Maldives with torrential rains fell to 69 mm of heavenly moisture.