Information about floods in Thailand and Nicaragua continue to thrill world's media

2011-11-22 Information about floods in Thailand and Nicaragua continue to thrill world's media

Information about flooding in Thailand thrills the public for several days. Reports about natural disasters continue to occupy key positions in news ratings. But the information that daily arrives from Bangkok is as well has mirthless character. This time it is also without changes. According to local media, despite their best efforts to prevent flooding in the capital, no one can give a hundred percent guarantee that it would not happen, even though local officials promised to bring the flooding under control. But the general opinion, even of the most optimistic Thais still boils down to this - it is the largest natural disaster in the last decade, which has already took away at least three hundred of human lives.

To somehow anticipate the situation, were involved Air Force, which had to inform about possible changes as quickly as possible. Was also made a successful attempt to lower the water level with a help of some central dam facilities.

In spite of active steps of authorities and related offices, local residents also participated in the prevention and elimination of the consequences of flooding. The last few days they constructed a protective threshold of sandbags, but the measures taken so far do not give the expected results, the water still leaks. And now the population faces only one problem – staying calm and being ready to be evacuated to safe areas.

Some industrial areas were also affected by the floods, as a result - tens of thousands of people temporarily lost they work. Many industrial enterprises stopped, including auto industry. This situation already influenced the economic situation in the country.

With no less a severe blow the weather inflicted the residents of Nicaragua, where during last few days also do not stop torrential rain. 8 people are already dead, and more than one hundred thousand of those who suffered the floods. Meanwhile the situation is under control, but there are fears that the water level can rise dramatically because of the proximity of water bodies to Managua. The priority at the moment, according to the authorities, is the maximum control and rapid response to changes in the situation. If the present situation changes to the worse, in the first place will be carried out evacuation to safe areas.