Earthquakes and wildfires in the Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan

2011-09-25 Earthquakes and wildfires in the Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan

Sunday brought the people of the Republic of Tuva a lot of anxiety. In the evening in the region were recorded shocks of the earthquake, the magnitude of which reaches 4.6. As a result of a natural phenomenon were noted injuries and destructions.
Earthquake with a magnitude of 4 was recorded in Kamchatka. Seismologists reported that the epicenter of the earthquake was at the bottom of the Kronotsky Gulf. The perimeter was so great, that the shocks of earthquake were felt even in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, though their strength was much less and didn’t exceed 2 points. No injuries or damage were reported.
On Sunday 25 September in Kyrgyzstan, seismologists recorded another earthquake, the magnitude of which reached 4.5 points. The epicenter of the earthquake was located on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. No victims or destruction were recorded. It is worth noting that a similar incident took place in the country just seven days ago, its magnitude was equal to 4.9. No negative consequences were noted.
Another unpleasant event occurred on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the weekend as a result of natural fires were destroyed about 1300 hectares of forest. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry informs that the situation remains critical in Siberia and the Far East, there is concentrated the maximum number of fires. Weather situation increases the risk, that this fire situation in Siberia, North Caucasus and southern districts will continue.
Residents of coastal areas of Mexico went through this weekend with worry. This is there raged Hurricane "Halari", formed in the Pacific Ocean. Its wind speed was 70 m / sec. At this time country couldn’t avoid unpleasant consequences. Three sailors, who were at sea during a storm, could not be saved, although there were warnings about possible dangers. According to the forecasts of meteorologists further march of elements will continue away from the mainland.
This weekend in the Atlantic Ocean has formed another storm. It was named "Phillip". The storm was recorded near the Republic of Cape Verde. Storm wind speed reached 65 km / sec. From the words of meteorologists trajectory of the elements will be directed to the northeast. The storm will move with an average speed of 25 km / s, but soon will lose its power. That is why there was made a decision not to put patrols on the shoreline of the United States.