In the U.S. state of Texas because of the unprecedented over the last fifty years drought do not stop forest fires. Situation is exacerbated by strong winds, which became one of insurmountable obstacles on the way to localize the fire. Wind speed, formed as a result of tropical storm
Last weekend in Scandinavia has been marred by rainy Atlantic cyclone. Norway suffered most of all, as cyclone came to the territory of Norway on Saturday. To date, the vortex is growing and becoming stronger, continuing to raise the rainy season and rains in Sweden and Norway.
The summer period in Western Europe this year was marked with significant fluctuations in weather patterns. First people were bored with heat, after that with cold and rain. And during the last month of calendar summer the weather is starting to approach it's usual climatic norm.
In the area of atmospheric fronts storms and heavy rains again struck over the territory of Poland. In the Polish capital, Warsaw, have been disastrous rains, which are comparable to the monthly norm of precipitation. As a result of these rains flooded railway stations, airports and streets.
In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, located in southern Brazil, as a result of strong rains that fell in the region 110 thousand people have been affected . Heavy rains, that were flooding the state of Rio Grande do Sul for the past week, caused significant damage.
Many countries of Western Europe have suffered from rain attack. During last day were rainfalls: in the north of Italy 37-57 mm, in Switzerland up to 60 mm, 40-50 mm in the Czech Republic, in Poland 35-58 mm, in Germany 40-45 mm. These heavy rain are caused by North Atlantic cyclone.
Active atmospheric front, which separates the hot air throughout the European territory of Russia and cool enough on the west of Europe, currently held by Poland. He summoned all the whole range of adverse weather.
The territory of South Korea in July came under the influence of extra-tropical monsoon zone. As a result, since the first day of this month and until now heavy rains do not stop. Daily falls of about 200 mm of rain. For the last day fell about 170 mm of rain.
Sichuan Province, which is located in southwest China, tormented by landslides.Element destroyed much of the central motorway in the region. From several surrounding towns evacuated people. According to rescue services eight people were missing
Active cyclonic vortex, which whirls over the Republic of Belarus and Poland, spoils the weather of our neighbors in the west. Cyclone does not hurry to leave this populated area and on Sunday will continue to shower Romania, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.
In the province of West Bengal, which is situated in India, downpours don't stop. Water floads all settlements. More that 300 families have already been evacuated from completely flooded areas. According to Indian rescue service, large numbers of residents of Indian province have lost their homes.
Quite strong rains pass now almost in every state of Southeast Asia, since now is the height of rainy season, which is repeated from year to year. India is flooded with monsoons. Moist air from Indian Ocean, which brings quite a lot of moisture,
For the past three days in the north-eastern India are torrential rains, which do not cease. The main cause of this bad weather is tropical depression that came to the coast of India. This depression has stocked with moisture over the Bay of Bengal
In the next few days in Central Europe will dominate an inclement weather. With the advent of the North Atlantic cyclone rains will pass in Denmark, Austria, France, the Benelux countries. These atmospheric fronts will also affect the British Isles
The territory of China is in the grip of a horrible flood. This uncontrolled water has already carried away lives of 14 people, and about 35 Chinese people are missing. Accordint to TV news, this element has already distroyed more than a hundred houses, about 2 thousand are under water.
Old world is literally drowned by flows of heavenly water. Before that rains have passed from the northern coast of Europe to the Mediterranean, and from Spain to Poland. They have passed everywhere: in the north of Spain, Corsica, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Denmark and Germany.
A strong torrential rain has passed over Eastern Georgia, and brought a cold atmospheric front. At sunday night at Kakheti, in Telavi and Akhmeta regions, houses in five villages were flooded, one hectare areas of vineyards and crops were destroyed, roads were washed away
During yesterday Japan suffered another impact of elements. This time the main reason of bad weather was quite a strong atmospheric front and, as a result, strong convective clouds. All these factors caused very heavy rains with thunderstorms on the islands